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Preparation of cost and time claims

Our unique methodology in approaching claims makes us the pioneers in the field, our claim preparation methodology includes:

• Contractual Analysis: This analysis includes analyzing the rights and obligations of the parties based on the contract clauses. Moreover, the contractual analysis includes the establishment of contractual basis of the heads claimable.

• Factual Analysis: Investigation, collation, collection of written evidence, production of detailed chronologies, timelines and reports of specific issues, analysis of the history if the disputes, investigation of any delay in the provision of information by any party, compilation of detailed summaries relating to each key issues and assembly of detailed case files on each issue.

• Delay Analysis: Undertake a detailed forensic delay analysis and review of baseline programme, programme updates, asbuilt schedule and progress of work to determine entitlement for extension of time.

• Financial and Quantum Entitlement Analysis: Review of the cost data and records to