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Appointment of claims consultant


There are several reasons why its advisable to use a professional consultancy to prepare a construction claim:

  1. Expertise: Professional consultancies have extensive knowledge and experience in construction claims, and understand the complexities and nuances of the construction industry. They can provide expert guidance and advice on how to prepare a comprehensive and convincing claim.

  2. Objectivity: Professional consultancies are independent and impartial, which means they can provide an objective perspective on the claim. This can help to ensure that the claim is accurate and that all relevant facts are considered.

  3. Time-saving: Preparing a construction claim can be a time-consuming process, requiring a thorough understanding of the construction process, contracts, and regulations. Professional consultancies can take care of the preparation and submission of the claim, freeing up time for other important tasks.

  4. Increased Chances of Success: Professional consultancies have the skills and experience to prepare a comprehensive and convincing claim that maximizes the chances of success. They know how to present the evidence and arguments in the best possible light, and can provide guidance on how to negotiate a successful settlement.

  5. Professional Representation: Professional consultancies can represent the client in negotiations and arbitrations, providing a strong and professional presence on their behalf. They can also ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met.

In conclusion, using a professional consultancy to prepare a construction claim provides several benefits, including expert guidance, objectivity, time-saving, increased chances of success, and professional representation. This can help to ensure that the claim is successful and that the client receives the compensation they deserve.